Grey Seal Cull is Science Fraud

Background (Preamble):
As usual the Canadian government is using the seals as a political ruse to satisfy the sealers and they say the seal cull is based on science (contained in some private ‘committee report’) . This is nonsense and the government and the DFO knows it . The seal cull would cost 35 million and would be the worst thing for Canada . It would be a national embarrassment , a purely political exercise and an environmental disaster ; it would likely also be an economic disaster , damaging any potential tourism to the region , as no one wants to visit an open air slaughterhouse .


This slaughter needs to stop and the government needs to know that Canadians will not tolerate such action against the seals .

Please sign this petition and let the fisheries minister and the DFO know that there will be serious consequences for this seal cull if it were to go though . The time to end to this is now .


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