National Pit Awareness

Posted on October 28, 2010 by Amy

Last Friday, the Devore Shelter said in Observance of National Pit Awareness, they were going to KILL all their in-house shelter pits on Saturday.  This shelter has heartless staff.  At any rate, a massive campaign pledge was launched to save all 19 pits and the story is below.  These ladies all deserve halos and a cherished blessing..  They saved even more dogs and the stupid shelter staff had said they could not do it.  Surprise.
From: alexandra <>
Dear All:    As many of you know, the amazing Devore Team (led by Royce & Rae while Pat enjoys a little break) pulled 18 pits, a cocker spaniel and 5 pittie pups this past Saturday which was National Pit Awareness Day.  Originally we had sent an email for pledges to cover the pull fees of 19 pits but only 18 pits were pulled (the cocker and puppies ended up being add-ons). So why was one pit missing?? Who was the 19th pit? And why was he not pulled?
Well on Saturday the 19th pit displayed some not-so-nice behavior towards his kennel mate, getting into a scuffle.  In the midst of the pulling of all the other dogs, it was too risky to take him out and put him in a foster home with other dogs.  So he became the pit left behind…but not forgotten and certainly not left behind for good.
On Saturday night we hatched a plan…pulled by our heart strings and by his sad photo.  Royce and Rae went back again to give him another chance.  On Sunday we bought him another day’s reprieve. On Monday, he stayed towards the back of his kennel and tried to approach Rae but was unsure; and when she left, he came to the front and looked after her, as if to say “Where are you going?”  Today, Royce met him and he was in a more playful mood! He smelled her hand and took treats. He seems to be fine with people but shy and unsure and either food or dog aggressive. He is very skinny…and may have been a junkyard dog.
Tonight he was officially sprung ! But his journey is not over. He will get neutered Friday and then go into a boarding facility where a great trainer has agreed to work with him 3 -4 times a week for a month.  We need to raise $500 for his training (which is an EXCELLENT price from the trainer!!) and about $450 for a month’s boarding (still working out where he will go for boarding so am estimating $15 per day).?**Please note: we have pulled him on good faith that the rescue community will rally behind this boy. I am sorry to ask for donations again, but I cannot pay his $950 myself. ***  There was a lot of interest in this dog on facebook so I really hope people will help in his rehab efforts.  If anyone does not know me and does not feel comfortable donating to me directly, I will be happy to get an address from teh trainer where checks can be sent.
If you would like to donate for Sweet Albert, the 19th pit, please paypal set up a chip-in as soon as i can but for now, paypal is fine. Thanks for believing in this scared doggy.

Hope to have more AFTER photos soon! – Alexandra

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